Alexis Pichot
Nocturnal Rites of Passage

July 5 2022

I met Alexis Pichot on an island in Southeast Asia a few years ago, and recently our paths crossed again, as we now both live in France. Reconnecting with Alexis and his images, served as a reminder to do more night walks and to savor this nocturnal shift in perception.

The long-time exposures Alexis brings back from his solitary immersions into the night reflect a desire for stillness, the quest to retrieve a timeless meaning lost to modern man. They reveal what lays dormant — landscapes of unseen beauty, inside and outside, testifying to our infinite communion with a living world.

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Learning to stay alone, to live more densely.Sylvain Tesson

The selection starts with his most recent series Insula
Below you find a few images from previous works

From the series ‘Séléné’
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From the series ‘Marche Céleste’
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