Gage Taylor
The Holy Grove

September 7 2021

Gage Taylor (1942-2000) was considered one of the originators of an art genre known as California Visionary Art. He moved to San Francisco in 1969, a time still beaming with the afterglow of the summer of love. Gage was an avid meditator and psychonaut and loved hiking and painting in nature.

His meticulously rendered landscapes suggest a nostalgia for Eden and the availability of peace and joy through an expanded awareness of the beauty inherent in the land. It is an art of “alternative realities,” the environment made possible by the fecundity of nature, and a vision of Utopia made possible by the artist.

I’m not outwardly political, but I consider my painting to be about the social revolution.Gage Taylor

A few of the featured paintings below were created together with his apprentice and later wife Uriél Danā.

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The California Endangered Landscape Series