Hans Cousto
The Cosmic Octave
and the culture of ecstasy

January 22 2015

A few days ago I ran across Hans Cousto in the metro, so I take that as a sign to finally make this post about him. Cousto is a mathematician, musicologist and astrologer best known for his work on the Cosmic Octave (get the book), the universal connecting link between the microcosm and the macrocosm. It’s the key to translate all natural rhythms and cycles into audible music. I really want to learn more about it.

For a start you can also listen to his views on psychonautics in general and the psychedelic revival of the nineties. In this first talk I especially liked his notion, that for some their soberness is nothing but an escape from reality.

Weltanschauung kommt vom Welt anschauen.
Hans Cousto

Das Psychedelische Revival der 90er Jahre, 2006

Musikalische Stimmungen und die Psychonautik, Klangwirkstoff Berlin 2013

Kosmische Oktaven, Klangtage München 2014