Thoughts on
Plasticity & Repetition

December 24 2016

I remember the day when this fundamental insight became clear to me: Take yourself seriously

That’s where it all starts — Self-empowerment is the basic condition for finding meaning and healing in this life. This to me is also the central statement of Terence McKenna: Promoting the felt presence of direct experience against disempowerment and manipulation.

So why is it then that I so rarely share personal writings?
Here is a short one from a while ago:

To me, the main characteristics that constitute the human condition are plasticity and the tendency to repeat.

Our potential is infinite — to be a ferocious creature of ignorance or a being of empathy and love.

The fact that we live in a dark age of stupidity and suppression from time immemorial doesn’t prove that this is our inherent nature. It just means we have forgotten what we truly are. Evolution is unwritten and is unfolding through you.

But we keep repeating the past, unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and actions, harming us and others. Because the tendency to repeat patterns is hardwired in this neuronal computer called intellect. We have to learn to swim against this force of habit, not to give in to inertia, learn and teach techniques to dissolve those obsolete patterns and path new ways.
The only way out is in.

Potentiality is our nature.

Ben Roth