Aldous Huxley

September 30 2016

I just reread Aldous Huxley’s Island and I want to encourage you to get yourself a copy as soon as you can (or to read the PDF below). This book isn’t a novel but rather a manifesto. The final work of Huxley is a sociological blueprint, a manual for living, loving and dying. His legacy so to speak, leaving us his vision of paradise within reach. It’s a powerful inspiration to live a life devoted to strive for ones highest potential as a human being.

Listen to this three-hour-long lecture:
Alan Watts discusses Island


Download the PDF here.
Or buy the book on amazon

The more I learn about Aldous Huxley’s life the more he enchants me.
This BBC documentary from 1993 is a good start:
Aldous Huxley: Darkness and Light