DMT Visions
Chronicles from Beyond

September 9 2014

Reporting back from the transpersonal realm of a DMT experience is difficult. Language and all forms of image making are very insufficient means of representation. But the urge to try is strong. At the same time I feel like there’s a downside to the mere attempt of doing so. First of all, the less you think you know the better it is for your first-hand experience. But most importantly these pictures might implicate that doing psychedelics is just this sensational trip to be entertained by weird hallucinations. But it is so much more.

I selected a few videos that render the mood in moving pictures. I also wanna remind you of Pablo Amaringo and his paintings straight from the Ayahuasca realm. If I had to pick one video piece to give you an impression, it would be this.

Also watch DMT — The Spirit Molecule

Ayahuasca visions from Blueberry and Other Worlds

This one is special because of the Terence McKenna voiceover