Terence McKenna
The Age of Confusion

March 15 2024

I haven’t shared anything from Terence McKenna in almost seven years, and yet few thinkers had a stronger influence on my path during the last ten years. That’s why I want to keep presenting him on this platform. So more people have the chance to be touched by his captivating strain of rational mysticism that promotes a feeling toned relationship with our environment. Ultimately pointing to the plants as an agent of reconnection, to heal our dysfunctional way of life driven by endless egoic pursuits.

And while I don’t believe the psychedelic experience is a panacea, it’s still the best shot we’ve got in light of the terminal crisis we’re facing. Before we can push in any direction to change course, we need to assess our situation from a point beyond the culture that got us here in the first place. We have to reach past, to some kind of deeper experience.

The snippet below explores these ideas and seems like a good introduction to Terence’s strand of thought due to its easily digestible length and central theme of planetary meltdown that affects us all.

All change has to be gradual —
This myth has now been exploded.
Terence McKenna