The Spirits of Brazil

October 30 2021

For a long time I’m fascinated by Vincent Moon’s straightforward approach to film-making, and I always felt a strong kinship to his nonverbal quest for expanded perception. His exploration of cultures through their music, reveals the primal ground of our human experience. Communal song and dancing is our ancient way of connecting to the ineffable because whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must sing.

His latest project Híbridos – The Spirits of Brazil is a joint project together with his partner Priscilla Telmon. Five years in the making, the film explores spirituality and its music in Brazil. What was supposed to be a single film on a few Brazilian rituals ended up evolving into a collection of more than hundred films. You can watch all of them here or begin with the selection below.

Their independent production company Petites Planètes aims to explore the boundaries between cinema, music, and expanded forms of modern rituals.

The Híbridos project is released entirely under a free Creative Commons licence, allowing people to share and keep the movement of natural patterns.

Official Teaser, 2017

Collection overview