Robert Steven Connett
Miracles of life on display

January 11 2015

The feelings provoked by Robert Steven Connett’s paintings vary widely. Some will see mostly the beautiful and the interesting, and others will see only the unsettling. If you see a nightmarish world I invite you to reconsider your fears. What is it that is so menacing about these creatures? Because I wouldn’t even call them surreal. Look at the actual microcosms around you or the deep-sea life and you will find a world just as grotesque. These worlds are not unreal, just rarely explored and far away from you. So what actually scares you isn’t the fact that they’re coming after you. It’s the mere existence of such alien beings that threatens the boundaries of your little world, you wanna see as the absolute.

Here’s an interview with Connett for Hi-Fructose Magazine.
And please remember Ernst Haeckel.

Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.
Arthur Schopenhauer