The Media-Shaman Manifesto

August 16 2020

The following manifesto is a testimony of an awakened youth movement realizing its power. Born from the European rave culture of the early 90s, these lines breath the enthusiasm of empowered individuals. They knew that their partying was more than hedonistic escapism, but the emerging of an alternative to the deadening system of consumption: The marriage of pagan ritual and technology as the archaic revival, we so desperately need.

The text seems especially timely because it emphasizes the use of technology and how we interact with media. Our current relationship with social media is worrisome, to say the least, as we are manipulated and exploited by a machine that knows us better than we know ourselves. But while all of this is true, we should not forget that no generation ever before had such power at their fingertips. Our potential to come together as a global community is nothing short of a miracle, and the emergence and distribution of good ideas truly holds the power to change the course of history.

Reclaim your mind
and get it out of the hands of the cultural engineers.

Terence McKenna
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Based on the German text by Eden123 (Boris Hiesserer) for the Doors Of Perception Ethic Committee (DOPEC) and Pyromania Arts

Based on the German text by Eden123 (Boris Hiesserer) for the Doors Of Perception Ethic Committee (DOPEC) and Pyromania Arts. Read the original version in German from 1997 here.

Or listen to the one-hour audio version by Boris Hiesserer:
MedienSchamanismus – Das ethisch-ästhetische Paradigma

The media shaman is among us.

As young man and young woman, urban native or sound alchemist, editor, geneticist, software designer or hacker, cybernaut, conceptual artist, organizer or trance- and performance dancer, stage designer, editorial journalist or graphic artist, director, musician, psychotherapist, system-disintegrating poet, entertainer, healer and much more.

The media shaman relies on copy-art and on the duplicating of discs, audio and videotapes, videos and digital messages, as well as the unhindered proliferation of information itself.

The media shaman is part of the cyberculture network in which subcultural alternative music, movies, poetry, media art as well as other formats of art and performance projects are published and offered.

He and she are recognizing the fundamental influence news outlets and other media have when it comes to creating enemy images, fear-mongering, and scarcity mindsets within the societal structure – currently characterized by the perverted usage of psychological knowledge in advertising.

Through the synergy of art, ritual and consciousness changing technologies the media shaman utilizes diverse tools and strategies in order to create and spread the „frequency of truth“, i.e. the advancement of tribal bonds, mental hygiene and healing.

The media shaman uses technological and archaic means as tools for reality experiments, in order to hack and decode linear reality, to ‘update’ the old image of the world and to undermine the systemic fear- and control-matrix through his audio-visual molotov cocktails, literary viruses and powerful memes.

The media shaman uses high-tech as well as archaic methods to deeply move himself and others, in order to communicate with the forces of chaos and nature itself.

The media shamans are on a vision quest for unhindered and clear communication with „matter“, be it within the realm of semiconductors or the organic world of chaos-dragon Earth.

The media shaman digitalizes timeless wisdom, ancient tribal knowledge, form and symbol, ritual, naked bodies, whale songs, dreams, dances and visions into tape recorders, film- and video cameras, as well as into computers, speakers and monitors all over the Earth – through the world wide web.

The media shamans are mapping and measuring the invisible landscapes of hyperdimensional realms of the imagination and are actively helping in offering new designer realities, spiritual frameworks and know-how, potential upcoming paradigms as well as theories of possible future worlds.

The media shaman studies his/her brain and learns to utilize his/her neuronal wetware by projecting the infinite possibilities and models of technological networks unto the inner space of body and consciousness so that the stored and saved inner knowledge within the individual and the collective can be reactivated incrementally.

The media shamans are laying blueprints for the self-educating citizenry worldwide, models and perspectives in order to use media technology within the Earthly village towards a spiritual daily plan and to restore the mental connection to their own, as well as to the shared spirit of the cosmos and Earth, of which they are a self-aware component.

The media shaman acts, instead of reacting.

As an active and aware part of the reality event, the media shaman is equipped with any and all tools, to turn the spectacle… into an oracle.

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Source: Rave New World Magazin #6 (1997), Pyromania Arts Foundation