The Second Encounter

October 17 2013

I just booked my second Ayahuasca retreat. This time for three days only and not in the Amazon but in the Netherlands.

It will be a very different experience than before. I can already feel it now. Facing something entirely unknown is always naive no matter how serious you try to approach it. But now that I know the potential of it the time of preparation is more charged with significance. I almost feel like only the second time takes courage.

I wanna use my own engagement with that matter as an opportunity to spread the word about this powerful teacher plant. The list below is for you to come as close to getting an idea of it as possible — without actually doing it. Which is not very close I might add.

The War on Consciousness — Graham Hancock’s banned TED talk

Five long documentaries about Ayahuasca, DMT and Shamanism:

DMT — The Spirit Molecule, 2010

Manifesting the mind — Footprints of the shaman, 2009

Other Worlds, 2004

Heaven Earth, 2008

Watching this testimonial was something like the initial trigger for me: