Terence McKenna
An Ocean of Ideas

March 30 2017

Terence McKenna is nothing short of a mind bomb circulating in cyberspace, ready to unleash it’s explosive power to sweep away the trembling walls of conformity. And this time the mushroom cloud will be a symbol of hope for human evolution rather than for its extinction. Leading the way to a time of reconnection with the living world, when we claim our birthright to live fully and embrace the miracle without fear.

I discovered Terence about four years ago and he gave a voice to dormant notions deep inside of me. A couple of weeks later I found myself in the Amazon listening to the ancient teaching of the forest. And I keep listening and wanna share this catalyst that can help you reclaim your mind.

In the lecture below Terence unfolds an ocean of ideas, a metaphor for the psychedelic dimension you are sailing out onto to cast the net of the human imagination to retrieve novel ideas out of the chaos.

We look at the present through a rear view mirror. We march backwards into the future.
Marshall McLuhan

Terence McKenna — An Ocean of Ideas, 1989
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