Female Pentimento
The Permeability of Reality

March 4 2023

A Pentimento in painting, refers to the traces of an earlier image that is shimmering through the top layer of paint. It can reveal a glimpse into the artist’s creative process and the evolution of the work over time.

Not knowing much about the Brooklyn-based artist Female Pentimento, I read this peculiar alias as a metaphor for a permeable gender identity. But I also recognize this quality of interpenetrating layers of reality in the depicted landscapes. On a surface level, they reflect our world, while at the same time being imbued with an ominous presence that reminds me of the frailty of everything we deem safe and irrefutable.

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I’ve been creating work through a lens of biospiritualism. Thinking about ways I can look to nature to better understand myself. Part of that has been imagining alternate realities where I embody a different form: another creature or something noncorporeal entirely (like a light portal).
From an interview with Coeval Magazine