Klaudia B. Lewandowski
A Sensuous World

April 12 2021

Klaudia B. Lewandowski is a photographer and creator of visual poetry, based in Berlin. She looks at the world through the eyes of a curious child, collecting sticks and stones and flowers along the way. She sees beauty everywhere she goes — and everywhere she goes turns into beauty. Beyond her refined sense of aesthetics, beyond her soft and loving eye, lies her ability to make you feel at home and that gift speaks through each and every artwork she creates.

No matter if it’s her photography, her magnificent gift of turning everyday objects into sacred shrines or her talent for decorating rooms and photo sets — it’s never just work. It’s always poetry. Klaudia is a professional at turning life into poetry.

Words by The Wild Core

More on her Instagram and Website.

Most people think they must do something in order to be seen. I’ve learned over time, that all it takes is this one, very raw moment of pure stillness. And only then—when you stop trying and allow yourself to be—this pure moment of truth can unfold.
Klaudia B. Lewandowski