November 3 2013

Lately I gained an encouraging awareness of continuity on my path. Isn’t it wonderful that the revelation of the psychedelic experience only confirms Buddhist teachings. I had this thought after my first encounter with Ayahuasca and since then I heard several people drawing this parallel: Ayahuasca is Vipassana meditation on the next level. The level of the felt presence of ones direct experience! And only this sort gives rise to real transformation.

Vipassana is an ancient form of Buddhist insight meditation. In 2006 I went for a 10 day course in the desert. But only now all of this makes deeper sense. That’s how it all works. This is the only law obeyed by all there is — the universal law of life.

The Art of Living: Vipassana Meditation

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Speech by S.N. Goenka at the U.N. Peace Summit — August 2000

Doing Time, Doing Vipassana — documentary 1997