Rebel Wisdom
Sensemaking in the Time of Chaos

September 22 2019

Rebel Wisdom is a new media platform seeking out the most rebellious and clear-sighted thinkers to foster an online intellectual awakening. This emerging counter culture recognizes the need for a new mode of communication; more in-depth, more open and more democratic. Only if we move beyond ideology and polarization can we hope to make sense and find any truth in the chaos of the times.

In their 18 months of existence Rebel Wisdom has released a remarkable collection of interviews, from which I only watched a hand full. All of them were eye-opening and among the most valuable and transformative content I came across in a long time.

The selection of videos I present here features speakers like Jordan Peterson, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Jordan Hall, Erik Davis and Jamie Wheal. The latter is featured in the first video below which was also my point of entry into this rich source of wisdom.

You can listen to podcast versions of the films on Spotify or Apple Podcasts by searching ‘Rebel Wisdom’ or go to their youtube channel.