Marjorie Cameron
Songs for the Witch Woman

March 19 2023

Marjorie Cameron (1922-1995), better known as Cameron, was an American artist, poet, actress, and occultist who emerged as a key figure in the California counterculture movement in the 1950s and 60s. Cameron’s unconventional interests and remarkable artistic talent set her apart from her peers from a young age, and she always felt like a misfit.

But it was her involvement with the Thelemic philosophy and her association with Aleister Crowley’s disciple, Jack Parsons, that would ultimately shape her artistic and spiritual path. Cameron’s unique vision, which combined elements of surrealism, mysticism, and the occult, has since inspired generations of artists and occultists alike, solidifying her legacy as a pioneering figure in both the art and esoteric communities.

I shall plunge down into the abysmal horror of madness and death — or I shall walk upon the dawn.

Two films featuring Cameron

Inauguration of The Pleasure Dome (1954) by Kenneth Anger
The Wormwood Star (1956) by Curtis Harrington