Richard Feynman
The pleasure of finding things out

December 21 2014

Richard Feynman is one of those rare scientists who win you over with more than their titles and awards. His charisma and freshness of thought make it so eye-opening and enjoyable to watch these programs.

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Richard Feynman – The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out, 1981

Fun to imagine — A series of twelve videos using physics to explain how the everyday world works:

1: Jiggling Atoms, 2: Fire, 3: Rubber Bands, 4: Magnets (and ‘Why?’ questions), 5: Bigger is Electricity!, 6: The Mirror, 7: The Train, 8: Seeing Things, 9: Big Numbers and Stuff (I), 10: Big Numbers and Stuff (II), 11: Ways of Thinking (I) and 12: Ways of Thinking (II).

Richard Feynman – Fun to imagine: Magnets, 1983

Richard Feynman – The Last Journey Of A Genius, 1988