Freedom from the Known

October 22 2013

A vast landscape of ideas and models of the world is unfolding in front of me. There’s so much I want to explore and understand better. Many seekers before left behind a heritage worth to examine. From medieval alchemists to the occult and the founders of Theosophy. Following this lead I just met again a familiar name: Jiddu Krishnamurti.

At the age of thirteen he was discover by the Theosophical Society and proclaimed to be the new World Teacher to guide the evolution of humankind. Later he left all this behind and became the advocate for bringing about radical change in society.

Years ago I read Freedom from the Known which is one of his best-selling books but still not the easy kind. I especially remember his radicalness. His sharpness is obvious, but he removes any doubt about it: Pursuing this way is not for your comfort.

Krishnamurti tells it like it is. He shatters us, taking away every possible comfort, leaving us with nothing, but ourselves. Krishnamurti talks about how all knowledge is “old”. In order to discover the “new” we must let go of all beliefs, preconceptions, theories, ideas, attitudes, systems, disciplines, etc. To live with great intelligence, we must forget everything we know and simply be alert to life, as it is happening right now.A review from amazon

I’m quite off-grid right now and the internet is not fast enough to pick a good lecture. But you will find one on youtube.