Paul Laffoley
The visionary

October 23 2013

Years ago I found a picture online that struck me as utterly beautiful and exceptionally rich in cryptical information. Back then I had no clue about its creator. Now I found him: Paul Laffoley.

Diving into his world may cause a feeling of dizziness due to an overdose of novelty. Laffoley is a visionary painter, designer, futurist & hyperspace cartographer based in Boston. He describes his work as “the product of the convergence of the instantaneous practice of invention and the slow craft of art.” His paintings are split into three categories: Operating Systems, Psychotronic Devices, and Lucid Dreams. He also refers to Rudolf Steiner in his writings what I find very interesting.

Check out this archive with transcriptions of his detailed work. Because even in high-res it’s impossible to get all the information out of the pictures.

Make sure to watch the documentary at the end of the post.

Time moves swiftly, and [Buckminster] Fuller’s kairos (or crisis point) is now upon us. Decisions that will influence everyone are now inevitable and unavoidable. They must and will be made. Such an impending scenario, I feel, is motivation enough to change the world into a culture that no one throughout history has yet fully anticipated. The goal of our present endeavor is to produce a transdisciplinary world-view which will sustain human existence into a continuous future.
Paul Laffoley, excerpted from Utopic Space

‘The Mad One’ — A documentary on Paul Laffoley, part 1 0f 4