Agnes Pelton
Desert Visionary

December 7 2020

Agnes Lawrence Pelton (1881–1961) was a member of the Transcendental Painting Group, dedicated to the principles of creating and promoting a pure abstract painting style imbued with spiritual intent. There’s a post about another member of the group, Emil Bistram.

For a long time Pelton’s spiritual modernism was almost unknown to the mainstream artworld, as post-war America was focused on establishment narratives, and religion, mysticism, or any spiritual aspiration was an exclusion criterion until relatively recently. But the times have caught up to her ethereal images of transcendence. The recent exhibition Agnes Pelton: Desert Transcendentalist marks the turning point towards the recognition of her visionary work.

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These pictures are conceptions of light — The essence of fire, not as we see it in the material world but as the radiance of the inner being. They are produced from that state of consciousness from which the creative impulse is a unified expression and solidified to the presentation of the material forms of the natural world.Agnes Lawrence Pelton