Wolfgang Hutter
Unquenched Desires and the Big Fear

March 14 2022

Presenting you this grand dreamer of unseen worlds, I’m baffled how he could be overlooked by me for so long.

Wolfgang Hutter was clearly gifted with an exceptional receptivity to feel the call of beauty and the creative power to translate it back into form. Over the course of his life he created sheer infinite variations of lush phantasmagoric pleasure gardens, often populated by doll-like women.

Hutter (1928—2014) found an important mentor in his father, the painter and author Albert Paris Gütersloh, who was also a professor at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts where Wolfgang was amongst his pupils. Gütersloh is considered the father of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism, as all the painters later attributed to this style were taught in his class. Among them are illustrious names like Ernst Fuchs, who was featured here before.

The particles from which my images are composed, come from the unquenched desires, bouts of hope, and the big fear. An attempt searching for a paradise in which there was never a case of sin, in which the snake has the same value as the butterfly.Wolfgang Hutter

Two of the images from the following selection have an exceptionally large format and high resolution and are therefore best viewed using these links:
Die Witwe, 1969/70 + Die Tempel und die drei Mädchen, 1985