Bernard Durin
Beetles and other Insects

March 22 2014

There’s a whole earth community that has nothing to do with human beings. We are unaware of them and they don’t care much about us either. What we perceive as the animal world are mostly mammals and some birds. But they just constitute a tiny part, some furry decoration on top so to speak. Gaia just needs to shrug her shoulders and the fragile human race is going extinct. But life on this planet will continue like nothing happened.

No other category of living creatures is more rich in species and diversity than the insects. There are millions of species and we only know a fraction today. Bernard Durin’s close look at them captures the viewer with the beauty of this unknown world. His illustrations are much more powerful in doing so than photography. I know this book since I’m a little boy and I never forgot. Finally I scanned a selection for your enjoyment.