Joth Shakerley
The Rainbow Tribe

September 2 2018

During the last few days I caught a glimpse of the Rainbow Tribe, a first contact that moved me deeply. I felt this pull for many years, since I came across the pictures by Benoit Paillé (see post here).

Just a few hours walk from the edge of civilization, there is this parallel universe of raw human beings that come together to practice a different way of living, away from the world of stuff. Did you ever ask yourself what it is, we actually need, after stripping away comfort and the narratives of the status quo? Then you should consider attending a Rainbow Gathering. Dare to walk these wild territories where they speak the language of the open heart, and you will learn a lot from tuning in, I promise.

Joth Shakerley is following his family for over twenty years. The pictures he brought back are beyond words.

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