Molly Greene
False Vegetation Gods

September 19 2023

Before Molly Greene (b. 1986) began painting in 2018, she explored her questions through scholarly means, ranging from environmental and animal studies to philosophy, technology, gender/sexuality studies and posthumanism. The latter refers to the project of extending moral consideration to non-humans, and calling into question our fragile demarkations between us and all the others. In doing so, Greene challenges the binary nature of society, confusing our frantic need of categorization.

I don’t want to burden her paintings too much with words, after she has just risen above this verbal level. But one observation struck me: The portrayed vegetation has no roots. It’s an idealization divorced from the reality of the vegetative cycle of birth, growth, decay and death.

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I hope that I’m starting to play in that space between conventional ideas of what a human should be and what a human could be.Molly A. Greene