Micah Ofstedahl
The Invisible Force

October 16 2023

Micah Ofstedahl describes his paintings as realistic representations of observable reality altered by invisible mysteries of life made visible.

I have seen this hidden force woven through the landscape that he depicts so perfectly. And these images take me back to that moment when I was permitted to see eternity shine and breathe with the hills. I once wrote a report after such an experience and you can read it here.

Find more on his Website or Instagram.

Ever since I was a child I can remember looking up at the stars and being fascinated by the concept of infinity and the existence of everything. I imagined that even if the universe was just empty space, how could that even exist? Isn’t empty space still something? Then my mind felt like it hit a wall and could go no further. This is the place where my paintings come from – somewhere between reality and mystery.Micah Ofstedahl