Tim Flach
More Than Human

March 22 2020

We find ourselves in a deep crisis of perception. We see the human endeavor as the central protagonist on this planet, degrading everything else to a mere backdrop to our fate. This hubris allowed us to have unprecedented dominion over the world, but it robbed our minds of their coherence, to a point that we became our own worst enemy.

To heal this alienation, we must seek to reconcile humanity with the more-than-human world. Animals are obviously a good starting point to practice this expansion of awareness. We can begin to recognize that we are animals ourselves, just one experiment among countless others, shaped in reciprocity with a living world. At first, we might see otherness, but eventually, we can recognize another person staring back at us.

The images of Tim Flach are a mesmerizing way to confront the other and find the same.

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