Crystallized Water
Revelation & Mystery

November 18 2013

I wanted to make a post about Masaru Emoto‘s experiments on water crystals. But during my online search I came across too many voices declaring his findings as pure wishful thinking or a way to make money. Indeed his message is so utterly beautiful in its implications that I just want to believe it! But on the other hand it’s also verifiable more easily than checking the dark side of the moon. So I was thinking of how to get my hands on the required instruments.

Emoto collected samples of water from various sources, froze them and looked at the crystals that formed under a microscope. The results that he obtained are quite simply astonishing. Clean pristine and healing waters produced regular shaped, stunning water crystals. By contrast dirty polluted water formed no crystal but blobbish shapes. He then went on to play music to the water and got similar findings, music by Mozart formed beautiful crystals, heavy metal and popular music unappealing shapes. Then he started talking to the water, taping messages onto the sample bottles and leaving them for a while before examining them. Leading to the same results. Love and gratitude materializes in beauty.

Now two recent projects came to my attention:

Tokujin Yoshioka‘s ongoing show at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. He exposed a pool of water to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake while freezing it. The result shows how marvelously nature creates but it doesn’t prove Emoto‘s story of course. According to Phenom World, a Netherlands based manufacturer of electron microscopes and other high-tech imaging tools, “crystals exposed to music showed differences in size, form and structure of the surface. But what exactly about different frequencies and rhythm vibrations causes the change still remains a mystery”.

The second project is by Alexey Kljatov who built a DIY macro camera and captured snow flakes. I already wrote to him and he shared his insights of observing snow flakes for five years: All of them are pretty! They don’t seem corrupted by our crude world.

My conclusion so far: Emoto‘s work doesn’t comply with science but it still encourages me to research this issue for myself.

Pictures by Masaru Emoto:

Tokujin Yoshioka’s show:

Macro images by Alexey Kljatov: