Matthew David Segall
Footnotes 2 Plato

March 30 2014

My own infrequent writings are purely experientially and I’m not well-read enough to refer to the spiritual heritage of millenia. However there are other young seekers out there who take on the intellectual integration of this human quest for what we are.

I think I just found such a brother in faith whose writings might be a precious counterpart to DOP. Over the last year my online searches directed me to this website several times and I’m happy I’ve finally started reading. Footnotes 2 Plato is run by Matthew David Segall, a doctoral student in philosophy and religion at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.

Besides releasing his essays online, Matthew also wrote several books and shares lots of videos on his youtube channel. I started with this article and I’m sure that I will find plenty more food for thought.