Wenzel Hablik
Crystal Utopias

December 25 2017

As a child Wenzel Hablik had revelatory experiences when seeing magical castles and mountains in specimens of crystals, and later in life when confronted with the immensity of nature. It made him a visionary, an utopian architect of the proverbial crystal castles in the clouds, striving for the synthesis of the arts combining all its manifestations. He collected crystals, designed flying machines, fantastic interiors, metal works and fabrics. This combination of art and crafts was greatly supported by the fruitful cooperation with his wife Elisabeth Lindemann, a weaver and fabric designer.

I just discovered Hablik recently and the next day I went to see this exhibition on show in Berlin. Some paintings are pretty big and the luminance of colors make a visit worthwhile.

You do not know the curse of the creative one
who wants to be all-powerful, who needs a thousand lives!
And carries one weak body to the grave.
Wenzel Hablik