The Last Honey Hunter
of Nepal

November 5 2020

It’s been ages since I shared a film with you, but this short documentary is a truly exceptional experience, that reminded me how hauntingly soulful a story can be told. With masterful cinematography and sound design, we are immersed in the rhythms and rituals of a foreign world.

In the steep mountain jungles of Nepal’s Hongu river valley, members of the isolated Kulung culture have risked their lives for generations scaling dangerous cliffs to collect a wild and psychotropic honey. Deep and dark, the film glides through a misty world of forest spirits, dreams, and woodsmoke to share the story of the leader of the harvest and his final journey.

Make yourself comfortable, dim the lights and use your headphones. You can also read about the Kulung honey rituals in a National Geographic article. And I also recommend you to watch the making-of.