Alexandra Duprez
The eternal metamorphosis

October 7 2017

French artist Alexandra Duprez mentions Australian Aboriginal art as her main inspiration to take up painting. And I can clearly see the strings connecting those two worlds. Look at the pictures of this previous post and you will understand.

The human figure is central to my work: the figure interacting with elements of various kinds: animal, vegetable… and so on.

These comparisons and contrasts, these juxtapositions and their erasures stage a limited number of fragments of images that I revisit in each painting that I complete, year after year.
Twins, hair, huts, right and left hands, shadows, waves…
Over the course of the past fifteen years, it has occurred to me that I have taken into account many things buried, perhaps forgotten, from the history of images and, undoubtedly, from my own past as well.
Artist statement, found here