Emilie Conrad
Continuum Movement

January 28 2017

Continuum Movement is a dynamic inquiry into what it is to be a human being, providing a method to consciously explore ourself as an unfolding biological and planetary process. Water, and the fact that the body composition is mostly of water, is considered of great importance.“

Taken from the Continuum website

I remember the first time I listened to an interview with Emilie Conrad and how deeply I was touched by her way of investigating movement as a cosmology of life. When she talked about ideas like bio-cosmic nourishment I instantly felt that her inquiry is really close to my own approach of starting with the most fundamental experiences we all share. What can we say about being human? In which unknown ways are we in rapport with the cosmos? — We are amphibians, creatures of water walking on land.

Conrad is putting the somatic experience first and is recognizing life as ongoing movement. This movement of fluid in the body functions as a primary healer-innovator with an intelligence that we cannot fathom. „This fundamental umbilical to life without category is the first stage of sanity“ says Conrad in her book Life on Land, in which she unfolds the larger mystical and practical implications of her lifework. By remembering our primordial self and its oceanic origins, we regain the connection to the moving medicine that is our birthright and that can heal us in ways conventional medicine cannot explain.

An Introduction to Continuum with Emilie Conrad

Intrinsic Movement: What happens when the spine returns to its fluid origins?