Noémie Goudal

March 19 2017

The peculiar image that led me to Noémie Goudal was the plastic waterfall below. Constructions like this are the essence of her practice, as they exist before the photograph does. I absolutely love the playful yet very clever juxtaposition between the man-made and the organic. And we are supposed to notice the evidence of assemblage, construction and fabrication. In this way her work constantly blurs the line of the medium photography and our effort to make sense.

“What is perhaps most exciting about Goudal’s work, is her ability simultaneously to employ and sidestep photography’s clichés in order to create pieces that are objects as much as they are images. More than mirrors held up to our own world, or windows into other ones, Goudal’s photographs, like so many elements within them, are a form of construction themselves.”

Excerpt from an article in Frieze Magazine, March 2016