Stanislav Grof
Holotropic Breathwork

November 23 2013

I just had an experience that left me totally overwhelmed. I went to my first group session of Holotropic Breathwork without knowing anything about it. At best I expected to get some hints on how to breathe better in everyday life. But these two hours were so much more than that.

This technique invented by Stanislav Grof holds immense potential for profound work on deep levels. Physically accompanied by heavy spasms, tears and screaming in my case. I’m still wondering how far you can travel by using just your breath. I’m not trying to explain my journey in detail but I will do it again soon. And I will research Stan Grof, he seems to be a very interesting and bright man.

Below two great interviews for you to start and a good summary here.

Thinking Allowed — Stanislav Grof (A New Paradigm of the Unconscious, 1988)

Christina & Stan Grof explain Holotropic Breathwork