Nature Photography
In Praise of Observation

February 15 2015

These days the light returns and I behold an enchanted world. I feel so grateful for this gift of vision and the living world it presents to me. And this is what I would like to share with you, but how? Since it’s about light and vision I consider photography an appropriate medium. So I searched my flickr favorites and show you a selection of pictures that touch me.

You can get to the original flickr pictures by the file names.

Born to see, disposed to behold.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

There are several steps on the way from seeing to the unfolding of beholding. In the beginning is the naked perception of an object, without this awakening our interest. The second step consists in the object attracting our attention to it. In the third step, the object is examined more closely and studied. Here begins thought and scientific research. The ultimate stage of vision is reached when the boundaries between subject and object, between the beholder and the beheld, between ourselves and the outer world, are consciously annulled; when we become one with the world and its spiritual ground.
That is the condition of love.

Albert Hofmann