Simon G. Powell
The Psilocybin Solution

June 20 2014

Simon G. Powell is an author and film maker devoted to share his love for psilocybin mushrooms towards a new understanding of nature. I like his notion that it’s your obligation to give something back after you were granted such insights. And this evident commitment is what I like most about the film featured below. He had no real budget or crew, but he did have a Hi-8 video camera, some music equipment, a computer and lots of inspiration.

I also enjoyed this interview with him.

It is ideas and attitudes that change the world. We need a completely new attitude towards our mother the Earth and all that lives on her generous bosom. Today we use our powers to despoil and destroy; we must be shown how to use them to cherish and preserve. Our future depends upon those who see and can help others to see. The older generations, with few exceptions, are blind. Hope lies with the young; but even they too must put short-term selfish aims aside and work for the future.
John G. Bennett

Manna — a psilocybin mushroom inspired documentary, 2003

Powell’s latest film from 2012:
Metanoia — A New Vision of Nature