Boyle Family
The Tidal Series

April 14 2014

Boyle Family is a group of collaborative artists based in London.
Their search is to find out if it is possible for an individual to free him/herself from conditioning and prejudice. To see if it is possible to look at the world, or a small part of it, without being reminded consciously or unconsciously of myths and legends, art of the past or present, art and myths of other cultures.

We also want to be able to look at anything without discovering in it our mothers’ womb, our lovers’ thighs, the possibility of handsome profit or even the makings of an effective work of art. We don’t want to find in it memories of places where we suffered joy and anguish or tenderness or laughter. We want to see without motive and without reminiscence this cliff, this street, this field, this rock, this earth.
Boyle Family Beyond Image Catalogue, 1986

The series was made on the same square of the beach at Camber Sands after each tide for a week. The objective was to examine the effect of the elemental forces on the site; and to lift the actual sand off the surface and to fix it in its exact place and shape.